Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh

Principal Investigator


Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering
Affiliation: Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Cornell University
Affiliation: Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, Cornell Medicine, NYC

389 Kimball Hall,
Cornell University
Phone: 607-255-2194

Postdoctoral Fellow

Pamela Graney, PhD.

Pamela Graney, PhD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University (With Prof. Kara Spiller)

Research: Biomaterials-based immune organoids and epigenetics

PhD Students

Shivem Bharat Shah

Shivem Bharat Shah

4th-year Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.
Presidential Life Science Fellow
Dept. of Education GAANN Fellow
Research: Immune & Lymphoma Organoids 

BS: Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Regan Stephenson

Regan Stephenson

3rd Yr Biomedical Engineering PhD
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2018-2021)
Dean’s Excellence Fellow (2016-2017)
Research: Lymphoid Tissue Engineering and Genomics
BS: Biomedical Engineering,  University of Utah
Matthew Mosquera

Matthew Mosquera

BS: Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University

4th Yr Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Research: Gut Microbiome, vaccines, and Immunity

Jessica Elmore

Jessica Elmore

4th yr Veterinary Medicine Ph.D.
Sloan Fellow
Co-advisor: Prof. Avery August
Research: New Inflammatory Mouse Model and
Hydrogels for inflammation
B.S: Howard University
Tibra Wheeler

Tibra Wheeler

3rd yr Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2018-2021)
Sloan Fellow
Co-advisor: Prof. Marjolein van der Meulen
Research: Nanogels for anti-inflammatory responses
B.S: University Of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Sungwoong Kim

Sungwoong Kim

3rd yr Material Science and Engineering Ph.D.
Research: Dynamic Living Hydrogels for Immune Regulation
B.S and M.S: Hanyang University

Kristine Lai

Kristine Lai

3rd Yr Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
BS: Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara
Research: Microfluidics for immune tissues

Taylor Oeschger

Taylor Oeschger

2nd Yr Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.
Primary Advisor: Prof. David Erickson
Co-advisor: Prof. Ankur Singh
Research: Point-of-Care/ Immunoengineering
BS: Montana State University


MS Students

Zixing (Vincent) Fan

Zixing (Vincent) Fan

1st Yr Material Science and Engineering

Research: Ultrasmall nanomaterials

BS: Material Science and Engineering, University of Michigan
Francisco Candido

Francisco Candido

2nd Yr Mechanical Engineering
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Sloan Fellow

Research: Microfluidics and Immunity

BS: Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University


Cynthia Rishi (Biomedical Engineering; Winner of  2018 Engineering learning Initiatives award)

Katie Lee (Biomedical Engineering; Winner of 2017 Engineering learning Initiatives award)

Pooja Reddy (Cell and Molecular Biology; Dean’s Fellow)

Cassandra York (Biological Engineering)

Isaac Macrae (Biomedical Engineering; Winner of  2019 Engineering learning Initiatives award)

Shreya Venkatesh (Mechanical Engineering)
John McMullen Dean’s Scholar

Nicole Felix-Velez (Biological Engineering, Winner of  2019 Engineering learning Initiatives award)


Lab Alumni

Dr. Alberto Purwada
PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Current Position: Analyst at CBPartners CBPartners | A Global Healthcare Consultancy

Dr. FNU Apoorva
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Current Position: Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer OrthoFit Ergonomic Solutions

Dr. Ye Field Tian
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: Research Scientist at Cleveland Clinic

Rebecca Schneider
BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University
PastPosition: ‎Research Scientist/Engineer II Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Current Position: PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech

Akanksha Kapoor                                                                                                                                                                                        MEng: Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Research & Development Engineer Prosidyan

Gyu-Min Calvin Lee
BS  and M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Product Development Engineer at Career

Evelyn Haynes
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Developmental Engineer,Cephia Valve Technologies

Daniel Leach
BS: Human Ecology, Cornell University
Current Position: University of FloridaCollege of Medicine Class of 2021
Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow@ National Institute of Health (2014-2015) )

Sanaya Shroff
BS in Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringCornell UniversityCurrent Position: PhD CandidateBiomedical Engineering at Boston University

Sonja Eagle
BS in Biological Sciences, Cornell University
Current Position: MD Candidate at Drexel MedicineChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Peter Gu
BS, Physics; MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Research EngineerThe Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Katrina Lastra
BS: Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Proctor and Gamble

Elisabeth Abeles
BS: Arts and Sciences Hunter R. Rawlings IIICornell Presidential Research Scholar

Tina Jing
BS: Biomedical Engineering
Engineering learning initiatve Award winner