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              #2017 Young Investigator Award – Society for Biomaterials

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Selected 2014 Young Innovator in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

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Top story in ESC & iPSC News 8.14, April 10, 2013. Featured in >20 science/news organizations.

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Featured Highlight:

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Selected as Journal “Cover Image”

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Science Daily: RNA Molecules, Delivery System Improve Vaccine Responses, Effectiveness

Journal Theme Editor/Book Editor

Independent Career as Faculty Member

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Book Chapters

Independent Career as Faculty Member

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Patents/Technology Disclosures

Independent Career as Faculty Member

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1. Indian Patent Granted: R Banerjee, N Joshi, K Joshi, A Singh. Lipid nanovesicles for improved delivery of anticancer drugs as aerosols and intravenous formulations. 1477/MUM/2009. 2009

Technology Licensing

Medtown Ventures, LLC formed a new company, CellectCell Inc., to focus on commercialization of adhesive-signature based cell selection technology (µSHEAR)